DIY Mp3 Player | JQ6500-16p

How to make Mp3 Player

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Two weeks ago, I posted How to make Mp3 Player with DFPlayer. Today I posted same topics with different module which is named JQ6500-16p. JQ6500-16P has an onboard 16Mbit (2 MMegaByte Flash memory. Using Windows operating system you can upload MP3 very easily. Software is embeded with module so that, don’t need download any software


Bellow images show Pinmap of the module.

 PIN Function
K1 Hotkey to play 1st File
K2 Hotkey to play 2nd File
K3 Hotkey to play 3rd File
K4 Hotkey to play 4th File
K5 Hotkey to play 5th File
NXT/VOL+ Press to play next file; Hold down to increase volume.
PRV/VOL- Press to play previous file; Hold down to decrease volume.
PL/PAUSE Pauses or Resumes the currently playing file.
SRC Changes the file source, from on board memory to the SD Card (28p model only).  Note that the source defaults to the SD Card if it is inserted, if not it will fall-back to the on board memory.

You can check capabilities of DFPlayer with this website.

You can control the module with K1-4 and ADKey pins. Bellow images shows the how to control with ADKey pins.

Embedded Software

When you plug USB to computer. Computer sees module like CD.

When you opened it. Software is open. Software language is Chinese but using of software is very easy. Software have two tab first of them is upload selected mp3. Second is selecting files.

Bellow figures how to upload works.

Work with Arduino

Also you can control with Arduino using TX/RX pins. You can download library from here

To use this library with a 5v Arduino, connect as follows.

JQ6500 Module Arduino
RX through a 1K Resistor then to pin 9
TX pin 8
GND (any of) GND
VCC (any of) VCC

To use this library with a 3v3 Arduino, connect as follows…

JQ6500 Module Arduino
RX pin 9
TX pin 8
GND (any of) GND
VCC (any of) VCC

You can use pins other than 9 and 8 if you wish, simply set them in your code.

Full Demo Code is bellow


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