DIY Mp3 Player | DFplayer

How to make Mp3 Player

Two days ago, I wonder to how I can make own Mp3 Player. After a few research, I found the cheapest and most suitable module for this job. DFRobot’s DFplayer is the best module for this task. This module can work with and without Arduino. You can check capabilities of DFPlayer with this website.


Bellow images show Pinmap of the module.

Note: I tried to SPK1 and SPK2 with 10W speaker and it worked.

Work with Arduino

DFRobot created an Arduino library for DFPlayer Mini to make it work. You can download the latest library here: DFRobotDFPlayerMini.

Bellow Image Shows the Connection.

Bellow sample codes switch next song ever 3 seconds.

Also I share full functions of these library. You must read comments before use.

Work without Arduino

If you want to use DFPlayer without Arduino you can. DFplayer has different option to use it. Bellow images show how to use functions with specific resistance and button. For example, if you use 24k resistance and button for ADKEY1 pins when you press button previous song will be played. If you pressing a long time you can decrease the volume of the song. Segment means which song will play. (Segment 1: First song)

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