Drive to target | Google CTF 2019

Google CTF 2019 Drive to target Excellent work! With your fine sleuthing skills, you managed to find a picture of the handsome creature with its pet biped. At last friends and companionship may be near! Like all inhabitants of this world, you spend an inordinate…

AD | Google CTF 2019

Google CTF 2019 AD We interrupt this program for a commercial break     CTF{9e796ca74932912c216a1cd00c25c84fae00e139}

STOP GAN | Google CTF 2019

Google CTF 2019 STOP GAN Well it seems someone can’t keep their work life and their home life separate. You vaguely recall on your home planet, posters put up everywhere that said “Loose Zips sink large commercial properties with a responsibility to the shareholders.” You…

Work Computer | Google CTF 2019

Google CTF 2019 Work Computer With the confidence of conviction and decision making skills that made you a contender for Xenon’s Universal takeover council, now disbanded, you forge ahead to the work computer. This machine announces itself to you, surprisingly with a detailed description of…

Home Computer | Google CTF 2019

Google CTF 2019 Home Computer Blunderbussing your way through the decision making process, you figure that one is as good as the other and that further research into the importance of Work Life balance is of little interest to you. You’re the decider after all….