Drive to target | Google CTF 2019

Google CTF 2019

Drive to target

Excellent work! With your fine sleuthing skills, you managed to find a picture of the handsome creature with its pet biped. At last friends and companionship may be near! Like all inhabitants of this world, you spend an inordinate amount of time on the site, stalking and comparing your life to that of others. The first thought that springs to your mind is “Why haven’t I ever been to Mauritius on holiday?” followed swiftly by “What is a Mauritius anyway?” But after a while and with language successfully deciphered, you’ve made contact with the lifeform in the picture, you have a “date”? You’re given the address of where to meet your potential interest. “1 Banana way, beware of the glass.” An odd address, especially that last part. So how do you get there? You land your ship and begin to search.

You can find my all CTF solution in here


When I try to picking different condition I saw the returned message. So I try to different option than I saw the 4 different option

These are conditions. So we must write to code manage these condition. First we must to be understand idea. First we find the direction. So that we must to calculate direction angle. These are the first step. After that code try to find optimal speed. Program must be increase the speed until gettin too fast error. I shar the code. If you have question about the calculating angle or anthing else. Please contact to me.

Sample output of the program:

When program finish it gives the website url. When you click on this website you will see the flag.



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