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Home Computer

Blunderbussing your way through the decision making process, you figure that one is as good as the other and that further research into the importance of Work Life balance is of little interest to you. You’re the decider after all. You confidently use the credentials to access the “Home Computer.” Something called “desktop” presents itself, displaying a fascinating round and bumpy creature (much like yourself) labeled “cauliflower 4 work – GAN post.” Your 40 hearts skip a beat. It looks somewhat like your neighbors on XiXaX3. ..Ah XiXaX3… You’d spend summers there at the beach, an awkward kid from ObarPool on a family vacation, yearning, but without nerve, to talk to those cool sophisticated locals. So are these “Cauliflowers” earthlings? Not at all the unrelatable bipeds you imagined them to be. Will they be at the party? Hopefully SarahH has left some other work data on her home computer for you to learn more.

You can find my all CTF solution in here

In the attachment I saw the NTFS file named by family.ntfs.

I mount that ntfs file to my computer

That partition is simulate windows computer. I spent time in that partition and I notice the credentiatls.txt in /Users/Family/Documetns

in that text tile i saw bellow message

I keep pictures of my credentials in extended attributes.

After research, I figure out the extended attributes is tecnique of hiding information.

I try to get attributes with using getfattr command. I receive that message.

Than, I try to reach that file with bellow command


Flag: CTF{congratsyoufoundmycreds}




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