Floopy 2 | Google CTF 2018

Google CTF 2018

Floppy 2

Looks like you found a way to open the file in the floppy! But that www.com file looks suspicious.. Dive in and take another look?

You can find my all CTF solution in here


For the first floppy CTF we find the www.com file but we didn’t use that. I think for this question we must use that.

When I open the www.com file, I saw that

www.com is ASCII text with CR,LF line terminators. Therefore nano can’t open this text file.

I try to ope in ATOM and bellow output return.

I think www.com is www.COM which is common executable file format for DOS.

I try to open this file in DOSBox

you can install with;

It works. But some character doesn’t see so that we can use www.com > www.txt for decoding bellow characters.

Daadaa ! CTF{g00do1dDOS-FTW}

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