Floppy | Google CTF 2018

Google CTF 2018


Using the credentials from the letter, you logged in to the Foobanizer9000-PC. It has a floppy drive…why? There is an .ico file on the disk, but it doesn’t smell right..

You can find my all CTF solution in here

First I change zip file name after that, I unzip file. extracted foo.ico is meaningless icon.

After that, I check strings in foo.ico and I realize driver.txt and www.com

I try to look at files in foo.ico with using exiftool but I recieve error. Then I try to extract known file types with using binwalk -e command.

When I check _foo.ico.extracted folder I saw 3 file. I try to unzip 2FD.zip and this zip include same as driver.txt and www.com so that I canceled it. However, When I opened driver.txt. I found driver for the Aluminum-Key Hardware password storage device.

Daaa daaa.. CTF{qeY80sU6Ktko8BJW}


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