Human Pose Estimation and 3D posing on Unity: Step 3

Step 3: Moving the particles based on HPE key points

In this step, I try to move the spheres on Unity based on the key points which are come from the MQTT message. For changing the position a game object I will use the transform.position code. In the python code which is (image body estimation) I change the output of the pose_3d because it separates the value x,y,z but I needed the separate the key points value therefore I took the transpose of pose_3d

This gave me the ınduvudally point then I sent this value using mqtt with below codes.

In the Unity side, I receive these value and separate them. After that, I update the position of spheres ;

x0,y0,z0 is the first keypoint ‘s positions address.

Full Code of Unity side is the bellow of this page.

When the start code for image output like these.

Estimation Vectors
3D values of the photo
Unity 3D key points

In next step, I will send real-time values and real-time 3D pose on Unity and communicate these two with the Internet.



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