OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Today, I try to download OpenCV library on my Raspberry pi 3 but have didn’t download simply using pip install command. In explain clearly installation Opencv on Raspberry.

I shortly explain which methods I am using for the installation.

Firstly, you must expand the file expand filesystem using the raspi-config

in opened page select advanced options -> expand file system and then hit enter and close this panel.Now, update and upgrade raspberry pi


We need install the CMake

Next, we need to install library package for the use image file formats with openCV

Also for videos file format packages,

We need install  sub-libraries of the OpenCV

Reinstall python 2.7 and 3

Download OpenCV

You do not skip above parts. However, on the web-site, I mentioned the start of this tutorial. Making the virtual environment but I didn’t. If you want to create look at that tutorial

Making the setup file with Cmake

In this step I giving the error. When I find the solution, I posted the continue.


















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